African Island Kiddies Area

We provide fun in abundance for kids. We have some of the most fun to be places for kids to ensure they are happy at African Island

Kiddies Rides

We have kiddies rides that your kids will love at an extra cost. Come get a ride for your kid and ensure their optimal enjoyment.

Kiddies and Toddlers Pools

Our kiddies and toddlers pools provide safe environment for kiddies and toddlers to play, away from all the ruff and deep pools. As a parent you will rest and enjoy yourself knowing your kids are safe in the toddlers pools.

Kiddies Splash Area

The kiddies splash area provides for a fun and splashy environment for kids to enjoy running around with water everywhere. The splash zone keeps the kids cool and happy and gives them an opportunity to enjoy their time at African Island

Kiddies Play Zone

The play zone is an interactive play area and has many things to keep the active kid happy. The Jungle Gym provides for an active environment for kids to enjoy.